TMS Turbomaschinenservice GmbH

TMS Turbomaschinenservice GmbH operates worldwide on planning and implementation of service, maintenance and repair services for turbomachinery for industry and energy supply, such as steam turbines, generators and compressors, as well as retrofits of electronic protection and control systems.

We have a dedicated, specialized, highly skilled, qualified and trained service team providing any desired service on turbomachinery and associated equipment. Our services include re-engineering, reconditioning and re-machining of components in our workshops in Germany and Romania, manufacturing of spare parts and providing overhaul services in the plant with our specialists, supported by the provision of online access, necessary facilities, tools and equipment.

Our company experience and know-how of most of our presently employed service personnel, formally coming from AEG-Kanis and BBC turbine OEM, reaches back more than 20 years in average. TMS does not only provide service, but also brings along an established network of European partner companies. In cooperation with them we are able to offer the complete product portfolio of spare parts for generators and turbines.


TMS Turbomaschinenservice was founded 2004 in Nuremberg/Germany and is based on experienced management and well-trained former employees of steam turbine manufacturers AEG-Kanis and successor companies ABB-Turbine Nuremberg GmbH, Alstom and Siemens. On the other hand 1/3 of our employees are coming from BBC and successor companies Alstom and GE. The company begun with overhauls services for German utility companies like RWE and E.ON and had become a reliable partner for steam turbine outage services. Over the years the number of our customers increased due to our extended knowledge, competence and our outstanding flexibility in this industrial service market.


Service activities carried out on steam turbo sets

Field of Expertise & Customers

Service activities
  • Implementation of minor & major overhauls
  • Endoscopy
  • Servicing (1 to 2 days) with evaluation of the machine condition
  • All types of repairs
  • Supply of spare parts made in-house
  • Vibration measurements and analyses
  • Determining the service life of the main components
  • Oil service
The modernisation of turbo sets
  • Conversion measures to improve the machine efficiency
  • Conversion of mechanically/hydraulically controlled turbo groups to state-of-the-art digital -electronic control, protection and steering
  • Optimisation of start-up processes
  • Online machine diagnosis
  • Modernisation of components and subsystems
    • We would like to share our wealth of experience with operators of turbo groups in the field of industry and utility power stations in order to optimise their plants.
Engineering services
  • Maintenance planning
  • Design and calculation of turbo sets (process-related design rotor dynamics, strength)
  • Design of BOP systems and components
  • Preparation of complete technical documentation such:
    • P&I diagrams (control & instrumentation diagrams)
    • Measuring point /electrical consumer lists
    • Piping/valves & fittings lists
    • System descriptions, operating instructions, etc.
Our customers include:
  • Large utility power stations (energy supply companies)
  • Paper industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Biomass power stations
  • Waste recycling plants
  • Timber industry
  • Food industry
  • Public utility companies
  • Major chemical companies



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Countries worldwide

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Your partner for expert solutions in steam turbine services for

Industry and power supply

Here you find some selected references.

Stadtwerke München


130 MW Siemens turbine G33HH

Scope of work:

  • Major overhaul of 130 MW Siemens turbine
  • Overhauling of all valves on turbine island incl. 3 bypass stations. Control stage and nozzle segments had been replaced. High speed balancing of rotor. Measuring of all turbine components and preparation of detailed manufacturing drawings
RWE Goldenberg


100 MW Siemens turbine

Scope of work:

  • Partial revision
  • Replacement of rotor blades row 18-24
  • Engineering and manufacturing of blades and shrouds
  • Finishing of rotor grooves
  • High speed balancing incl. over speed test
  • Time schedule, test and inspection plans, quality assurance and documentation
  • Total repair time: 7 weeks
SW Bremen

Bremen Hafen MKK


Franco Tosi C86AS

Scope of work:

  • Major overhaul of turbine and generator
  • Delivery of new turbine insulation
  • Change of labyrinth strips of turbine rotor
  • High speed balancing of turbine rotor
  • High speed balancing of intermediate shaft
  • Manufacturing of new coupling bolts and nuts
  • Machining of couplings holes of coupling flanges turbine-intermediate shaft and intermediate shaft-generator
  • Manufacturing of sealing rings (axial) for guide blade carriers 12-14
  • Spray welding at axial sealing surfaces of guide blade carriers 12-14
  • Overhaul of valve crossbar

Certified quality for years

TMS Turbomaschinenservice GmbH is certified by TÜV Rheinland Group according ISO ISO 9001 and SCC** and renewed annually after detailed inspection.

Our health and safety management is carried out externally. We have established a safety engineer for all internal company matters and especially for site works like erection and commissioning.

TMS Turbomaschinenservice is SCC- certified since August 2009. All field supervisors of TMS are SCC- trained.

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